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60. Che Guevara Energy Drink Tour de Corse 2017

6. 4. – 9. 4. 2017, Ajaccio, Bastia, Porto-Vecchio • asphalt 316,80 km • Other years
WRC #4WRC 2 #4WRC Trophy #4JWRC #1WRC 3 #4RGT Cup #2
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SS1 Pietrosella – Albitreccia 1 - 31.20 km - 09:22 - 7. 4. 2017

Thiery Richard
- Thiery Florence

Peugeot 207 S2000
Thiery Richard
- Thiery F.

Peugeot 207 S2000


#136flagPicchioni Florian
- Borel Thierry
iconCitroën C2 R20:10
Late (1 min) at TC
#135flagFiorini Federico
- Girardi Francesco
iconPeugeot 208 R20:10
Late (1 min) at TC


flagBonato Yoann - Boulloud Benjamin
accident / havárie
flagHänninen Juho - Lindström Kaj
"I went wide on a corner and hit a bridge. The (steering) arm was bent so we stopped to see. There was then a fire on the right-rear and it too a long time to stop that." / "Byl jsem široký a trefil mostek. Poškodilo jsme řízení, museli zastavit pak nám začal hořet pravý zadek. Trvalo dlouho, než jsme to uhasili."
flagVeiby Ole Christian - Skjærmoen Stig Rune
"Wow. This one was not easy at all. The last 10km I was very nervous and kept it steady on the road." / Posledních 10 km jsem byl nervózní a jel opatrně."
flagBouffier Bryan - Giraudet Denis
"I had a very bad feeling which is a shame. I couldn't place my car very well and that meant I couldn't go on the throttle at the right time. I will change the set up." / "Neměl jsem vůbec dobrý pocit. Potřebuji změnit nastavení."
flagKopecký Jan - Dresler Pavel
problem with power steering / problémy s posilovačem řízení
flagMikkelsen Andreas - Jæger Anders
"Today was an okay stage but impossible to commit because we have no gravel crew. I backed off in every corner because I could see some dirt on the road. Not very enjoyable." / "Dnes to je těžké, nemáme špióny. Před každou zatáčkou jsem ubíral, protože jsem tam viděl vytahaný bordel."
flagPaddon Hayden - Kennard John
"The problem is all of the cuts are making the road wet. There's a lot of mud and that doesn't help the confidence." / "Problém je, že po cutech je silnice mokrá, je tam bahno a nepomáhá to sebevědomí."
flagEvans Elfyn - Barritt Daniel
"Pretty difficult and the grip is really, really low for us. Need to try and see what we can do. Would be nice to drive at full attack." / "Je to těžké a grip máme malý. Uvidíme, co půjde dělat. Bylo by hezké jet na maximum."
flagBreen Craig - Martin Scott
"Quite happy. I've changed my Tarmac driving style completely and quite happy with the time. I've tried to smooth my style a little bit." / "Docela jsem spokojen. Změnil jsem styl jízdy na asfaltu a jsem spokojen."
flagMeeke Kris - Nagle Paul
"I enjoyed it. The car's working fantastic. Thanks to my team for the hard work we put in during the test. A good start, but there's a long way to go." / "Užíval jsme si to, auto je fantastické. Díky týmu. Dobrý start, ale do cíle je daleko."
flagNeuville Thierry - Gilsoul Nicolas
"The last part of the stage was very slippery and dusty as well. I tried to drive well but not 100% happy with the car and struggled with some understeer. I was out of the line a few times. It wasn't a perfect, clean run." / "Poslední část byla hodně uklouzaná. Nejsem úplně spokojen s autem, je nedotáčivé. Párkrát jsem byl mimo stopu."
flagSordo Dani - Martí Marc
"In some places I didn't feel very comfy in the car and I didn't have the confidence. Some places were a little bit damp as well." / "Místy jsem se necítil dobře a nevěřil si."
flagTänak Ott - Järveoja Martin
"The car balance was quite good but when the tyre warmed up it started to understeer a bit." / "Auto bylo dobře nastavené, ale jak se nám zahřály pneumatiky, začalo být auto nedotáčivé."
flagOgier Sébastien - Ingrassia Julien
"I didn't drive too well on the bumpy section of the stage, so I took it easy." / "Nejel jsem moc dobře na uskákaných úsecích."
flagLatvala Jari-Matti - Anttila Miikka
"I was expecting we would lose. There was damp at the end of the stage and I had quite a lot of understeer and was hesitating. I knew I was losing time." / "Čekal jsem, že ztratíme. Ke konci to bylo vlhké, auto bylo nedotáčivé a já byl opatrnější."

Other info

There’s no easy start as drivers are greeted by some of Corsica’s toughest roads. Last year’s opening 26km have been replaced by a new 7.40km section that follows a twisty, bumpy road before joining the 2016 route at the famous Pietrosella hairpin. It’s onwards and upwards along a poorly surfaced road to the legendary Col de Bellevalle hairpin. It widens on the climb to Bisinao, before a narrow road with many surface changes leads to the finish in Albitreccia.

Ogier problem end SS9
Meeke finish SS6 engine problem
Bergkvist SS6
Evans SS6
Koči crash SS5
Tänak engine problem after SS5
Tänak SS3
Pieniazek SS1
Bonatos aftermath of his crash on SS1
Hänninen burnt SS1 ©David Evans
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