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52. Azores Airlines Rallye 2017

30. 3. – 1. 4. 2017, Ponta Delgada • gravel 210,20 km • Other years
ERC #1ERC 2 #1ERC 3 #1ERC Ladies #1ERC Junior U27 #1ERC Junior U28 #1
Ford Fiesta R5
Tiger Energy Drink Rallye Team

Stage results

1. Leg
Special after
SS1Lagoa Stage2.14 km1:38.419.78.31.731:38.419. 
SS2Soluções M7.08 km3:40.311.115.70.855:18.714.arrow
"Very good, I liked the stage. I have much more experience on fast gravel stages than on the narrow technical ones, so we will see on the next one."
SS3Vila Franca - São Brás 113.47 km10:43.416.75.42.6516:02.115.arrow
"We lost some time because the car before us was blocking us few kilometers."
SS4SSS Grupo Marques 13.95 km3:31.710.67.21.5419:33.814.arrow
SS5Pico da Pedra Golfe 17.02 km4:41.820.89.72.1924:15.615.arrow
SS6Feteiras Meo 17.46 km5: 
SS7Sete Cidades 125.62 km18:47.718.81.82.7848:54.414.arrow
SS8Pico da Pedra Golfe 27.02 km4:35.516.91.71.4453:29.914. 
SS9Feteiras Meo 27.46 km5:45.518.77.72.4359:15.415.arrow
SS10Sete Cidades 225.62 km18:
"I think this was the most difficult and hardest stage in the world! Many tricky places, but it went OK for us."
2. Leg
Special after
SS11Graminhais 121.01 km16:52.713.74.73.521:34:30.310.arrow
SS12Tronqueira 121.96 km19:44.314.66.83.461:54:14.610. 
SS13SSS Grupo Marques 2 3.95 kmMechanical
Stopped in the stage

Entry photos from this event

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